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S355K2G1W steel cutting technology

S355K2G1W steel cutting technology

According to different S355K2G1W steel automatic cutting and semi-automatic cutting methods, adjust the distance of each cutting torch, determine the rear resistance, and consider the notch compensation; in the cutting process, the size and direction of the cutting angle of the cutting torch mainly depends on the thickness of the S355K2G1W steel.

During automatic cutting, lift the S355K2G1W steel to the gas cutting platform, and adjust the distance between the end of the single plate and the guide rail within a range of 5 mm. For semi-automatic cutting, place the guide on the flat surface of the cutting board and place the knife on the guide. The side with the torch faces the operator, and the cutting classification is selected according to the thickness of the S355K2G1W steel to adjust the cutting straightness and cutting speed.

Before cutting the gas, remove the dirt and grease on the surface of the S355K2G1W steel, and leave a certain slag blowing space below it. When gas cutting, the movement of the cutting torch should maintain a constant speed. The surfaces of the cut pieces should be 2-5mm away from each other. If you get too close, the blade will melt. Too much heat too far and the cut breaks.

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