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What are the manufacturing methods of ASTM A709 steel plate

What are the manufacturing methods of ASTM A709 steel plate

ASTM A709 Steel Plate: ASTM A709 is suitable for carbon steel and high-strength low-alloy structural steel for bridges, steel plate and steel rod, and quenched and tempered alloy steel structural steel plate. Among the nine steel grades available: A709-36, A709Gr50, A709Gr50S, A709Gr50W, A709GrHPS 50W, A709GrHPS 70W, A709Gr100, A709Gr100W, A709GrHPS 100W.

Among them, the A709-50W, A709-HPS 50W, A709-HPS 70W, A709-100, A709-100W, A709-HPS 100W grades improve the resistance to atmospheric corrosion.

ASTM A709 steel plate manufacturing method:

A709Gr36, A709Gr50 steel grades should be semi-killed steel or killed steel.

A709Gr50W, A709GrHPS 50W, A709GrHPS 70W should be produced by fine grain process.

Grade A709Gr50S is killed steel, which should be confirmed by the statement of killed steel on the test report or the content of si and Al.

A709GrHPS 50W, A709GrHPS 70W, A709GrHPS 100W steel grades should be produced by low hydrogen process, such as vacuum treatment in the steel manufacturing process, controlled heating of ingots and slabs, controlled slow cooling of ingots, slabs or steel plates.

A709Gr100, A709Gr100W, A709GrHPS 100W grades should meet the fine austenite grain size requirements.

A709GrHPS 50W, A709GrHPS 70W should be supplied in one of the following states: hot rolling, controlled rolling, TMCP, quenching and tempering.

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