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Why choose EN10155 S355J0W weathering steel

Why choose EN10155 S355J0W weathering steel

EN10155 S355J0W weathering steel is a structural steel with excellent weathering resistance that meets the requirements of the European standard EN 10155. Its chemical composition and mechanical properties allow it to perform well in outdoor environments and provide resistance to corrosion and oxidation.

The chemical composition of S355J0W steel includes elements with low carbon content, moderate silicon content, high manganese content, and low sulfur and phosphorus content. This specific chemical composition ensures the good weather resistance of S355J0W steel.

S355J0W steel has good tensile strength and yield strength, as well as good plasticity and cold bending properties. This makes it suitable for a variety of structural applications such as buildings, bridges, containers, vehicles and engineering equipment. It can also be heat treated to further change its mechanical properties to meet specific needs.

The main feature of EN10155 S355J0W weathering steel is its weather resistance. S355J0W steel itself has a dense layer of oxide scale, called the "oxide layer", which can prevent further corrosion. After this oxide layer is formed, it can form an anti-corrosion protective layer in the atmosphere, thereby reducing further corrosion and oxidation of the steel. This gives S355J0W steel excellent weather resistance and can be used for a long time in various harsh climate conditions.

In addition to its weather-resistant properties, S355J0W steel also offers sustainable and environmentally friendly properties. It is a renewable material that can be recycled and does not produce harmful substances during use.

In short, EN10155 S355J0W weathering steel is an excellent structural steel material with a balance of weather resistance, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, suitable for various outdoor applications, and has sustainable and environmentally friendly properties.

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