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A588 Grade A weathering steel plate heating process

A588 Grade A weathering steel plate heating process

A588 Grade A weathering steel plate refers to the addition of a small amount of alloying elements such as Cu, Cr, Ni, etc. to ordinary low-alloy steel, so that an amorphous oxide layer with a dense layer and strong adhesion to the base metal is formed between the rust layer on the steel surface and the substrate. , to prevent the oxygen and water in the atmosphere from penetrating into the steel matrix and slow down the corrosion, so that the A588 Grade A weathering steel plate has good corrosion resistance.

However, the cost of Ni element is very high. Under the pressure of reducing cost and increasing efficiency, BBN 4300 mm wide and thick plate production line successfully developed A588 Grade A weathering steel plate without Ni, which has obvious advantages in low cost and meets market demand.

When the atmospheric corrosion-resistant slab containing Cr and Cu alloy elements is heated in the heating furnace, a very sticky iron oxide scale will be produced. If appropriate measures are not taken to remove it, it will remain on the surface of the A588 Grade A weathering steel plate, resulting in iron oxide scale defects.

For this reason, by controlling the furnace atmosphere in the heating furnace, using a reducing or weakly oxidizing atmosphere for heating, and adopting a high-temperature, fast-firing, and fast-rolling process system for the slab, specifically, when the furnace time is <360 minutes, the soaking time is >40 minutes, and the furnace temperature 1 210~1 280 ℃, and at the same time cooperate with appropriate descaling pressure to avoid residual oxide scale on the surface of A588 Grade A weathering steel plate.

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