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How to deal with low-speed cutting commonly used in ASTM A242 steel plate cutting

How to deal with low-speed cutting commonly used in ASTM A242 steel plate cutting

When ASTM A242 steel plate is cut, two methods are mainly used, the first is cold cutting and the second is hot cutting. Each method has its own specific classification, for example, when cold cutting, water jet cutting or normal cutting can be used, or saw cutting can be used. In the case of thermal cutting, the flame cutting method is usually used, or plasma cutting or high-energy laser cutting can be used to cut ASTM A242 steel plate.

No matter what method is used to cut ASTM A242 steel plate, cutting cracks will remain after cutting, which can be controlled. If thermal cutting is selected, it is better to perform preheating treatment before cutting. The preheating time should depend on the grade or quality of ASTM A242 steel plate. If thermal cutting is performed after preheating, the cutting cracks of ASTM A242 steel plate can be relatively reduced.

Low-speed cutting is a commonly used ASTM A242 steel plate processing method. Pre-sale treatment should also be carried out before cutting. Good preheating can effectively reduce cutting cracks. The preheating temperature can be around 100℃. If the cutting speed is relatively fast or the thickness of the ASTM A242 steel plate is relatively large, the preheating temperature can be appropriately increased.

Underwater cutting is a cold cutting method, which is suitable for some steel plates with special requirements. This cutting method is very professional, and there are usually special enterprises to carry out this kind of cutting and processing ASTM A242 steel plate.

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