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Q355NH steel plate features

Q355NH steel plate features

Q355NH steel plate full name of atmospheric corrosion resistance hot continuous rolling steel, also known as Cowden steel, corrosion resistant steel, is a low alloy series of weathering steel. The "Q" here represents the first letter of the "qu" word for yield strength, "355" means its yield strength is 355MPa, and "NH" is the first letter of the pinyin.

Q355NH steel plate features:


Corrosion resistance: Q355NH steel plate has excellent atmospheric corrosion resistance and can maintain good stability in the outdoor environment for a long time.


Strength and toughness: The steel plate has the strength, plastic extension, molding and other characteristics of high-quality steel, suitable for a variety of structural parts and mechanical parts.


Economy: Due to its rust resistance, the components have the characteristics of corrosion resistance and life extension, thinning and consumption reduction, labor and energy saving, etc., and it is very economical to use under harsh environmental conditions.


The chemical composition of Q355NH steel plate mainly includes carbon (C), silicon (Si), manganese (Mn), phosphorus (P), sulfur (S) and some alloying elements such as copper (Cu) and nickel (Ni). Among them, the carbon (C) content is between 0.12 and 0.21%, the silicon (Si) content is between 0.2 and 2.0%, and the manganese (Mn) content is between 0.7 and 2.0%. Phosphorus (P) and sulfur (S) as impurity elements, their content needs to be strictly controlled to ensure the performance of the steel plate. Although the content of alloying elements is relatively small, it plays an important role in improving the mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and welding properties of steel plates.


Mechanical properties of Q355NH steel plate:


Yield strength: ≥355MPa.


Tensile strength: Since the specific value of tensile strength is not directly given, it can be inferred from the reference article that its tensile strength may be between 490 and 630MPa.


Elongation: ≥17%.


Impact power: ≥34J
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