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Q460NH weathering steel material characteristics

Q460NH weathering steel material characteristics

The material properties of Q460NH weathering steel are detailed as follows:

1. Chemical composition:
- Iron (Fe): main constituent element.
- Carbon (C): Controls the hardness and strength of steel.
- Silicon (Si): Increases the strength of steel.
- Manganese (Mn): used to increase hardness, strength and wear resistance.
- Phosphorus (P) and sulfur (S): present within an appropriate amount, but their content must be controlled to avoid adverse effects on welding performance and corrosion resistance.

2. Mechanical properties:
- Tensile strength: generally 450-630 MPa.
- Yield strength: minimum 365 MPa.
- Elongation: generally required to be greater than 21%.
-Impact toughness: Usually required to comply with relevant standards to ensure safety in use in low temperature environments.

3. Weather resistance:
- Q460NH weathering steel has excellent atmospheric corrosion resistance and can resist oxidation in the atmosphere.
- Forms a dense protective oxide layer to prevent further corrosion.
- Self-healing, Q460NH weathering steel can regenerate a new protective layer after the surface is damaged.

4. Processing characteristics:
- Can be formed and processed by conventional cold working methods and has certain plasticity.
- Phase transformation may occur during heat treatment, and attention needs to be paid to controlling the processing process to maintain stable performance.

5. Welding performance:
- Appropriate measures must be taken during the welding process to select appropriate welding materials and processes to ensure weld quality and connection strength.

6. Application areas:
- Q460NH weathering steel is mainly used in bridges, buildings, transmission towers and other engineering projects that require weather resistance.
- Suitable for long-term use in harsh climate conditions to extend structural life.

7. Standard specifications:
- Produced according to national or industry standards, with a variety of specifications and thicknesses available to meet different engineering requirements.

These characteristics make Q460NH weathering steel widely used in engineering fields that require resistance to atmospheric corrosion and weather resistance.

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