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A709 grade50 Welding structural steel chemical composition

A709 grade50 Welding structural steel chemical composition

A709 is an important welded structural steel used in the manufacture of lines, equipment, vessels, etc., that operate under large impact loads. The chromium content of the steel is less than 0.2%, the carbon content is less than 0.15%, the manganese content is less than 1.0% (mass fraction), the sulfur and phosphorus content is less than 0.02%. Chemical composition: Mass fraction ≥65%, mechanical properties in solid solution state. Appearance and section shape: strip or network, no defect.

The chemical composition of A709 grade50 steel plate is (wt%). The contents of C, Si, Mn, P, S, Cu and Mo are 0.03%-0.08%, 1.0%-1.66%, 0.44%-0.72%, and 1.66%-4.26%, respectively. B element is not added to the chemical composition (not alloy composition).

The welded joint of A709 grade50 steel plate has excellent comprehensive mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, and its tensile strength and impact absorption energy are higher than Cr5Mo steel.

1. Chemical composition: Generally Mo,V, Cr, Ni, etc

2. Mechanical properties: yield strength 345-470 MPa, tensile strength 580-630 MPa. Good strength and toughness, good cold deformation performance, excellent weldability.

3. Process performance: high strength and toughness in hot rolling state.

4. Mechanical properties: The chemical composition (mass fraction, %) of A709 grade50 steel plate: Si≤0.038, Ni≥0.17, Cr≥0.33, Mn≥0.024≤0.15, V≤0.005.

Mechanical properties. A709 grade50 steel plate has good comprehensive mechanical properties, the tensile strength is 800 MPa; The yield strength is 550 MPa; Elongation of about 67%, impact energy above 140J; Good welding performance, no hot crack and cold crack tendency.

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