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Test method for A588 weathering steel mechanical and technological properties

Test method for A588 weathering steel mechanical and technological properties

A588 weathering steel should be uniformly heated in the furnace when normalizing. When the temperature in the furnace is 1250~1500 degrees Celsius, it should be insulated for 1 hour, and then slowly cooled to below 800C. When normalizing, tempering temperature should be determined according to the amount of tempering required.

Specification and process of heat treatment of A588 weathering steel
Note: ① The heat treatment specification of the standard specification is based on the corresponding heat treatment process specification of steel.
② Carbon content (mass fraction) ≤0.40%
Annealing temperature: 650~780℃, oil cold;
Tempering temperature (≥80~100) ℃.
Note: (1) Other mass fractions not indicated on the steel table shall not be used as steel for heat treatment or welding; (2) All the above quality fractions are %.

Test method for mechanical and technological properties of A588 weathering steel
Sample size: round rod with diameter of 5 mm, 2 samples with diameter of 5 mm are used for every 100 mm bar;
Test method: Cut the specimen according to the specified size, grind and flatten it with a file, carry out tension and compression test at room temperature with vertical pressure of 10~15N, when the length of the specimen is not more than 5m, and carry out the test under the condition of load not more than 150N. Before each loading, the specimen is axial loaded with 100N vertical pressure for more than 1 min until plastic deformation occurs.
Tensile strength, yield strength test method: tensile strength, yield strength standard sample method;
Hardness determination method: quenching temperature 940℃ tempering 2h, air cooling. Hardness is determined according to JIS standard.
Quenching temperature and holding time: quenched steel 850℃×2h; Oil cooling: 550℃×2h; Tempering temperature 100℃×2h; Preheating: 120℃ x 2h air heat.
Sample size is 20 mm thick parallelogram section.

Test results and evaluation standard of mechanical properties of A588 Weathering Steel:
1) Mechanical properties at room temperature:
Sample size: 20~50 mm.
Sample quenching temperature 530℃, oil cold; Tempering temperature 540℃, air cooling;
Hardness ≤55 HRC;
3) Others: room temperature tensile mechanical property (Rm) ≥90, impact energy is not less than 20J, sample size ≥60 mm.

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