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Chemical composition and mechanical properties of A588 weathering steel

Chemical composition and mechanical properties of A588 weathering steel

The high content of silicon and manganese in the A588 weathering steel will reduce the hardenability of the steel, while the high content of sulfur and phosphorus will easily form sulfide inclusions in the steel, affecting the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the steel. In order to improve the low temperature impact toughness of A588 weathering steel, manganese (0.25%~0.45%) and other alloying elements should be added on the basis of low sulfur and phosphorus content.

The alloying element can improve the melting point of carbon compounds, reduce the content of sulfur and phosphorus in steel, reduce the content of carbon compounds and the tendency of grain boundary precipitation, and improve the hardenability. A588 steel has good oxidation resistance and hydrogen corrosion resistance at high temperature. The oxidation resistance of A588 weathering steel in air will be affected when aluminum content is higher.

A588 weathering steel is a kind of special advanced structural steel, which is composed of low carbon alloy steel with carbide as the main component and a small amount of manganese steel or low alloy high strength steel with carbon content less than 0.35%. It is a kind of multi-purpose advanced structural steel with good comprehensive mechanical properties. A588 weathering steel is characterized by good corrosion resistance and high strength and toughness under certain service conditions.

Due to the high content of manganese, it has a good effect on the removal of harmful impurity elements such as oxygen, sulfur and phosphorus. A588 weathering steel is mainly used in the manufacture of seamless steel tubes for petrochemical machinery, pipelines and ships, especially in the manufacture of important equipment pipelines with high corrosion resistance and high welding and corrosion resistance performance requirements.

A588 weathering steel is low carbon and high carbon austenitic steel, with good welding performance, low coefficient of thermal expansion and cold brittleness tendency, strong corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, can still maintain high strength at high temperature. Main applications: Mainly used for making aircraft, automobiles, trains, ships and other parts.

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