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Corten steel quenching reason and prevention measures

Corten steel quenching reason and prevention measures

Appearance utility: The key is caused by the elements of the design scheme, such as too small arc R, poor setting of the main bone part, and poor connection of the cross section of Corten steel plate.

Overtemperature: the key is caused by temperature control prohibition or running temperature, Corten steel processing process set temperature is too high, temperature control is not uniform and other factors, preventive measures include maintenance, review temperature control system software, adjust the processing temperature, high speed iron between Corten steel plate and the bottom tube, etc.

Carburizing: the key is caused by overtemperature/coarse crystal, gas furnace without maintenance heating, machine adding capacity is small, calcination or preparation of conditioning treatment residual decarbonization layer and other factors, preventive measures for controllable Corten steel atmosphere heating, salt bath heating, vacuum sintering furnace, box furnace selection of loading maintenance or application of oxidative architectural coatings; The feed volume of the machine is increased by 2~4mm.

Poor refrigeration: the key is that the coolant selection is not good or low temperature, should grasp the cooling characteristics of heat treatment materials or Corten steel quenching solution.

The mechanism of Corten steel is not good: such as martensite shrinkage and porosity is more serious, calcination quality is poor, preparation of Corten steel heat treatment process is not good, the preventive measures are to choose appropriate Corten steel casting process and effective preparation and tempering treatment rules and regulations.

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