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8mm thickness Corten B steel factory price

8mm thickness Corten B steel factory price

Corten B steel has a protective rust layer and is resistant to atmospheric corrosion. It can be used to manufacture low alloy structural steel for vehicles, Bridges, pylons, containers and other steel structures. Compared with common carbon steel, Corten B steel has better corrosion resistance in atmosphere. Compared with stainless steel, Corten B steel has only trace alloyelements, such as phosphorus, copper, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, niobium, vanadium, titanium, etc., the total alloyelements only account for a few percent, and not like stainless steel, up to ten percent, so the price is relatively low.

Principle of Corten B steel:

The principle of Corten B steel is to add phosphorus, copper, chromium, nickel and other trace elements in the steel surface to form a dense and strong adhesion protective film, prevent corrosion into the diffusion and development, protect the matrix below the rust layer, in order to slow down the corrosion rate. Corten B steel can be used to reduce the use of thin, bare use or simplified coating, and make the product corrosion resistance prolong life, save labor, reduce consumption, upgrade and replacement of the steel series, but also a modern metallurgy new mechanism, new technology, new process and make its sustainable development and innovation of the steel series.

Corten B steel generally adopts concentrate feeding furnace - smelting (converter, electric furnace - microalloying treatment - blowing argon-LF refining - low superheat continuous casting (feeding rare earth wire)- controlled rolling control cooling and other process routes.

In the smelting process, scrap steel is added into the furnace together with the charge, smelting according to the conventional process, adding deoxidizer and alloy after the steel is removed, the molten steel is treated by blowing argon, and then cast, and the molten steel after blowing argon temperature control is cast into slab by continuous caster. Due to the addition of rare earth elements, Corten B steel is purified and the content of inclusions is greatly reduced.

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