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Solutions to Corten Steel Cutting Problems

Solutions to Corten Steel Cutting Problems

Depending on the thickness of Corten steel, different cutting speeds, reduced gas pressures and nozzle models should be adopted.
When cutting Corten steel, the horizontal and vertical cuts should be minimized, and then use square detection to adjust the verticality of the cutting torch, which can make the cutting surface of Corten steel perpendicular.

Perforation, cutting quality control part. In cutting part of the hole should reduce the inner hole of the part and reduce the perimeter, the purpose is to ensure the accuracy and size of the hole around. For perforation, it is necessary to choose a reasonable blasthole, and pay attention to adjusting the speed and oxygen regulating valve; when the hole diameter is less than the thickness or the thickness exceeds 120 mm, it is not suitable for perforation and cutting.

The control of the cutting quality of Corten steel, according to the traditional method of cutting, is prone to arches and distortions, sometimes encountered with nozzles, which are affected by the cutting process. Therefore, Corten steel may require bridge cutting, which can effectively control the cutting quality of slender pieces.

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