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Effect of Grain Size on Corten B Weathering Steel

Effect of Grain Size on Corten B Weathering Steel

Grain refinement is the only technical means that can simultaneously improve the strength and toughness of Corten B weathering steel materials.

For the Corten B weathering steel experiment, under the same corrosion environment and the potential difference between grain boundaries and grains, compared with samples with larger grain sizes, the k value of the sample with smaller grain size Smaller, the local anodic corrosion current density borne by its grain boundary is smaller when it is corroded, so the corrosion uniformity is better, and the probability of forming deep cracks and cavities is small, which will greatly improve the compactness of the rust layer and thus improve the Corten corrosion rate. B Weathering steel is resistant to atmospheric corrosion.

The results of the accelerated corrosion test and the AC impedance test of the rust layer show that the reduction of the grain size of Corten B weathering steel from 30um to 4um will improve its resistance to atmospheric corrosion in industrial environments.

Grain refinement reduces the number of cracks and cavities in the rust layer after the accelerated corrosion test of Corten-B weathering steel, making the rust layer denser and improving the protection of the rust layer.

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